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Oklahoma�s Carlisle Indian School Immortals
Tom Benjey

Summary: Other than for Jim Thorpe and Pop Warner, the accomplishments of the Carlisle Indian School football teams are largely forgotten. Although these teams were legendary in their own time, they are now virtually unknown except to the most ardent football historians. Their contributions to the game were substantial and deserve to be remembered. Six Carlisle Indians are in the College Football Hall of Fame (not bad for a program that played its last game in 1917) and helped get Pop Warner, their coach, inducted. Oklahoma�s Carlisle Indian School Immortals begins a series on Native American sports heroes that will be of interest to readers from 7th grade to senior citizen, particularly those from Oklahoma. This volume follows the lives of 14 players both on and off the reservation. Many of them made significant contributions to football after their playing days were over as coaches, but their greatest contributions were in other fields. Heavily illustrated with period photos and line drawings. Frontispiece by the late Bob Carroll.

Tuxedo Press, 546 E Springville RD, Carlisle, PA 17015

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