Rob Robertson College Football Book Offers

The Wonder Team
Rob Robertson

Summary: The book is about how the great game of college football became more of a national passion in the years following the "Great War" of 1914-18. Prior to the war, it was felt that skilled teams and players were mainly from the East, led by the "Big 3," Harvard, Yale and Princeton. An unlikely little college named Centre, nestled in the "Bluegrass" of central Kentucky, changed this perception. With less than 200 students, Centre challenged and beat flagship state universities all over the country, was proclaimed the top team nationally in 1919 by Walter Camp, and had 3 of its stars named All-Americans by Camp. Additionally, Centre played in the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th post-season Bowl venues in Fort Worth, San Diego and Dallas. Centre's accomplishments forever changed the face of college football. Multiple photographs and illustrations

Bulter Book, Louisville, KY

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