Sites Utilized to Aid My Work

The below listed sites have been utilized to fill holes in my data. All of the teams "raw data" has been obtained from each team's Football Media Guide but in many cases game dates, game locations, and opponent played were not available and the below listed sites were utilized to aid in clarification or completion of the data.

1st-N-Goal's Accomplishments of Autumn

This is Tex Noel's site. He is a StatHistorian who has answered questions I have regarding some of the data on this site. He has also provided several of his compilations which have been presented on this site. He is one of the best sources around for questions regarding historical college football.

The Helmet Project

The Helmet Project is the best site on the web for helmet logos. All helmets from all divisions of college football teams are being created. I discovered his site after obtaining helmet logos from various football media sites and have used them every since.

James Howell's College Football Scores

Here is a significant amount of work accomplished on college football scores for all the major college teams of all time. Where football game dates have been missing from team Media Guides, I have obtained the dates from this site.


This is the site of Richard Billingsley. His ratings are a member of the Bowl Championship Series. He has also created a College Football Encyclopedia on CD-ROM which has been used to better understand the teams playing college football in the early days.

James Kramer Sports Memorabilia

James Kramer has a multitude of publications, programs, and informational guides listed on his site for sale. I have purchased several of his items to aid in my research. He not only has football, but other sports are covered.

Peter Wolfe Game Scores

Current year game scores and locations are obtained from this site.