Previous Conferences (G-M)

Conference Listing Conference Division Listing
Gateway Conference

Great Lakes Football Conference

Great Plains Athletic Conference (1972-1975)

Great Plains College Association

Great West Football Conference

Green Mountain Conference

Gulf Coast Conference

Gulf Star Conference

Gulf States Conference

Hawkeye College Conference

Heartland Collegiate Conference

Indiana Collegiate Conference (1951-1977)

Hoosier-Buckeye Conference

Hoosier Conference (1948-1970)

Illini-Badger Football Conference

Illini-Badger-Hawkeye Football Conference (1989-1990)

Illinois Intercollege Conference

Illinois Intercollegiate Athletic Conference

Illinois Intercollegiate Football League

Independent College Athletic Conference

Indiana College Athletic League

Indiana Intercollegiate Athletic Association

Indiana Intercollegiate Conference

Intercollegiate Football Association

Interstate Intercollegiate Athletic Conference

Kansas Collegiate Athletic Conference (1890-1927)

Kansas College Athletic Conference (1902-?)
Kansas Collegiate Athletic Association (1890-1901)

Kentucky Intercollegiate Athletic Association

Kentucky Intercollegiate Athletic Conference

Liberty Football Conference

Little Five Conference

Athletic conference of the Middle West (1910-1913)

Louisiana Intercollegiate Athletic Association

Louisiana Intercollegiate Conference

Maine Intercollegiate Athletic Association

Maryland Intercollegiate Football Association

Mason-Dixon Conference

Met-Intercollegiate Conference

Metro Atlantic Athletic Conference

Metropolitan Collegiate Conference

Metropolitan Conference

Metropolitan Intercollegiate Conference

Michigan Collegiate Conference

Michigan-Ontario Collegiate Conference

Mid-Continent Conference

Mid-Ohio Conference

Mid-South Athletic Conference

Middle Atlantic Athletic Association

Middle States Intercollegiate Football League

Middle States League

Middle Three Conference

Midlands Conference

Midwest Intercollegiate Football Conference

Midwest Intercollegiate Conference (1990)

Mississippi Valley Conference

Missouri College Athletic Union

Missouri Valley Conference

Missouri Valley Intercollegiate Athletic Association (1907-1927)

Mountain States Athletic Conference

Informally known as the Big Seven from 1938-1947
Informally known as the Skyline Six from 1948-1949
Informally known as the Skyline Eight from 1950-1961