Previous Conferences (A-F)

Conference Listing Conference Division Listing
Alabama Collegiate Conference

Alabama Intercollegiate Conference

Alamo Conference

American West Conference

Arkansas Association

Arkansas Intercollegiate Conference

Association of Mideast Colleges

Atlantic 10 Conference

Atlantic 10 - New England Division
Atlantic 10 - Mid Atlantic Division
Atlantic 10 - North Division
Atlantic 10 - South Division
Atlantic Central Football Conference

Atlantic Collegiate Football Conference

Badger-Gopher Conference

Badger-Illini Conference

Badger State Intercollegiate Conference (1940-1947)
Tri-State Conference (1932-1939)

Big 4 Conference

Big East Conference

Big Eight Conference

Big Seven Conference (1948-1959)
Big Six Conference (1928-1947)

Big Five Conference

Big Four Conference of Wisconsin

Big West Conference

Pacific Coast Athletic Association (1969-1987)

Border Intercollegiate Athletic Association

Buckeye Intercollegiate Athletic Association

California Coast Conference

California Collegiate Athletic Association

Canadian Intercollegiate Athletic Union

Carolinas Conference

Central Church College Conference

Central Intercollegiate Athletic Conference

Central States Intercollegiate Conference

Chesapeake Conference

Colby-Bates-Bowdoin Conference

Colorado Football Association

Columbia Football Association

Columbia Football Association Mount Ranier League (1987-1995)

Columbia Football Association Mount Hood League

Columbia Football League

CFL - North Division
CFL - South Division
Dakota Athletic Conference

Dakota-Iowa Athletic Conference

Dixie Conference

Eastern Collegiate Football Conference

Eastern Football Conference (1965-1974)

Eastern Football Conference (1997-2000)

EFC - Atlantic Division
EFC - Bay State Division
EFC - Central Division
Eastern Pennsylvania Conference

Evergreen Conference

Washington Intercollegiate Conference (1938-1947)

Freedom Football Conference

Frontier Conference (NM)

New Mexico Intercollegiate Conference (1940-1954)