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1 09-29-1923 Southeastern Oklahoma St. 0 Oklahoma St. 0 Stillwater, OK

Note from Gary Kusch: The Daily Oklahoman of 12/2 in a season windup article noted that Oklahoma St did forfeit a scheduled 9/29 game with SE Oklahoma in Stillwater so that they could play Iowa instead.

2 1954 Southeastern Oklahoma St. 0 Northwestern Oklahoma St. 0 ?

Note from Gary Kusch: The Northwestern Oklahoma forfeit game is curious. Both you and the Northwestern Oklahoma web site list a 14-7 win over Southeastern Oklahoma with a subsequent forfeit. The Southeastern Oklahoma web lists only a 0-1 forfeit. My original sources for each team do the same. According to 2 articles in the Daily Oklahoman, including a season ending review article, these teams were not scheduled to play because of a schedule mix-up (not really explained). Subsequently, the Oklahoma Collegiate Conference faculty ruled that Southeastern Oklahoma must forfeit to Northwestern Oklahoma…which seems to imply, although it was not explicitly stated, that they were responsible for the mix-up. I thoroughly reviewed the Daily Oklahoman and there definitely was no actual game played. I have no idea where the 14-7 result came from.