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1 11-28-1912 Pittsburg St. (KS) 150 Missouri St. 0 Pittsburg, KS

Missouri St. list score as a 150-0 Pittsburg St. (KS) win

Pittsburg St. (KS) list score as a 151-0 Pittsburg St. (KS) win

2 11-02-1918 Pittsburg St. (KS) 6 Missouri St. 14 Springfield, MO

Missouri St. list score as a 14-6 Missouri St. win

Pittsburg St. list score as a 14-7 Missouri St. win

3 1920 Pittsburg St. (KS) 0 Washburn (KS) 1 ?

Note from Gary Kusch: I have conflicting findings regarding the Pittsburg St game which you list as a 1-0 forfeit win for Washburn. My original source & the Washburn web media guide list a 7-0 Washburn win that both say was later forfeited by Washburn. They list the game as the last game of the season, but no dates are given, so the actual order of the games may be different. The Pittsburg St web media guide does not list any result with Washburn, forfeit or otherwise. The Hutchinson News of December 1 has a post-season article regarding the football championship of the Kansas Conference. The article lists Washburn and Friends as claimants to the championship noting that Washburn was undefeated in conference play with two tie games, while Friends lost one conference game, but had more wins. Officially, Friends had a higher winning percentage since, per conference rules, tie games count as ½ game lost. They then list the game-by-game results for both teams and the Washburn list does not include Pittsburg St. I could find no later reference to a conference mandated forfeit for either team. My only real conclusion from this is that the contention of my original source and the Washburn web that a game was played and later forfeited is not correct. No game was played. I think it is possible that the conference at a later date, for whatever reason, ruled a forfeit for a game never played, which could (if Washburn was ruled the winner) be consistent with what you list, but I am doubtful about that as well.

4 11-23-1929 Pittsburg St. (KS) 10 Missouri St. 14 Springfield, MO

Missouri St. list score as a 14-10 Missouri St. win

Pittsburg St. list score as a 13-10 Missouri St. win

5 10-04-1935 Pittsburg St. (KS) 0 Arkansas Tech 7 Pittsburg, KS

Arkansas Tech lists game played on 10/04/1935

Pittsburg St. lists game played on 10/05/1935