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1 11-26-1891 Nebraska 0 Iowa 22 Omaha, NE

2 11-11-1893 Nebraska 18 Missouri 30 Kansas City, MO

3 11-30-1893 Nebraska 20 Iowa 18 Omaha, NE

Nebraska lists game played on 11/30/1893

Iowa lists game played on 11/25/1893

4 11-17-1894 Nebraska 12 Kansas 6 Lawrence, KS

Kansas lists game played on 11/22/1894

Nebraska lists game played on 11/17/1894

Kansas lists game played in Lincoln, NE

Nebraska lists game played in Lawrence, KS

5 11-02-1895 Nebraska 12 Missouri 10 Omaha, NE

6 11-28-1895 Nebraska 6 Iowa 0 Omaha, NE

Nebraska lists game played on 11/28/1895

Iowa lists game played on 11/19/1895

7 11-08-1896 Nebraska 4 Kansas 18 Lawrence, KS

Kansas lists game played on 11/8/1896

Nebraska lists game played on 11/7/1896

8 11-13-1897 Nebraska 10 Kansas 5 Lincoln, NE

9 10-06-1899 Nebraska 0 Iowa St. 33 Ames, IA

10 11-16-1901 Nebraska 29 Kansas 5 Lincoln, NE

11 10-04-1902 Nebraska 10 Colorado 0 Boulder, CO

12 10-24-1903 Nebraska 31 Colorado 0 Lincoln, NE

13 11-02-1907 Nebraska 10 Iowa St. 9 Lincoln, NE

Note from Gary Kusch: There remains a controversy over the Iowa St-Nebraska game. Iowa St claims a 13-10 win while Nebraska claims a 10-9 win. All newspaper articles agree on the 10-9 outcome although I found one article which says Iowa St would have won except "for the idiocy of the referee." I found a web article which says the controversy arose because an Iowa St late field goal (worth four points at the time) attempt by drop kick landed short of the goal post, but bounced over the cross bar. Iowa St claimed the attempt was therefore good, but the referee ruled no goal. Iowa St apparently appealed to Walter Camp, the rules guru, and he ruled the following March that the goal should have counted. Whether this ruling had any official status is not clear to me; I could find no newspaper reports about it. So each team continues to claim the win although I agree with you that Nebraska is the winning team.

14 10-11-1913 Nebraska 24 Kansas St. 6 Lincoln, NE

15 10-30-1915 Nebraska 21 Iowa St. 0 Ames, IA

16 10-14-1916 Nebraska 14 Kansas St. 0 Lincoln, NE

17 10-31-1918 Nebraska 12 Nebraska Wesleyan 0 Lincoln, NE

Note from Gary Kusch: According to the Indianapolis Star (11/1), Nebraska and Nebraska Wesleyan staged a 30 minute scrimmage on 10/31 and that Nebraska scored two touchdowns. The Nebraska Wesleyan web does list this game, but the Nebraska web does not and no other sources I have seen for Nebraska's scores list it. I don't think this was a recognized game. The NE-Kearney web does list a 0-0 tie with Nebraska Wesleyan, but no date is given. The Nebraska Wesleyan web does not list any game with Kearney. I also came across a Racine Journal-News article (10/26) saying that on that date Nebraska was going to "try and play" two games: the first against Cotner & the second against Nebraska Wesleyan. I could find no record that these games were played on that date. The Madison Capital Times of 10/24 also reported on these games and said they would be played behind locked gates. This was during the height of the Spanish Flu epidemic when many games were cancelled or were played in empty stadiums. I don't think these games were played (at least involving Nebraska), but I am sort of guessing that perhaps the two Cotner-Nebraska Wesleyan games (which you list for 10/25) were played instead. However, to muddy the waters even more, a Racine Journal-News article of 10/30 reports on a game that day between Cotner & Nebraska that was easily won by Nebraska 39-0. They further state that the Cotner game was one of a number arranged to keep the Cornhuskers in trim for the Notre Dame game scheduled at the time for 11/2…a game rescheduled multiple times before being played on 11/26. Again, neither Nebraska nor any other source I know list this game, so maybe it was also considered a scrimmage. It's all quite confusing to me.

18 10-06-1951 Nebraska 6 Kansas St. 6 Manhattan, KS