Morningside (IA) Data Questions

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Game Data Questions:

1 11-24-1898 Morningside (IA) 0 Buena Vista (IA) 6 ?

Note from Gary Kusch: The game with Morningside was a contested game according to the game article in the Storm Lake Pilot Tribune. The score was 0-0 in the first half when the referee said time had expired. The time-keeper, however, said there were four minutes remaining, and the game continued. Buena Vista subsequently scored a touchdown and kicked goal for a 6-0 lead. The Morningside captain then began complaining about the time left issue, and he refused to continue play. Buena Vista lined up for three times to continue play, but Morningside refused, and the referee awarded the game to Buena Vista.

2 11-06-1915 Morningside (IA) 0 Iowa St. 7 Ames, IA

Iowa St. lists game played on 10/30/1915

Other sources list game played on 11/6/1915