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1 11-24-1894 Monmouth (IL) 6 Knox (IL) 0 Galesburg, IL

Note from Gary Kusch: Per the yearbook, the 6-0 win over Knox was a game that ended after the first half. The episode is hard to follow, but the gist of the story is that after Monmouth scored a touchdown on their first possession, throughout the remainder of the first half the umpire was constantly calling fouls on Monmouth and awarding to the ball to Knox, but Knox was still unable to score. Toward the end of the half, several plays were run by Knox at which point the referee said time was up, but the linesman would not allow it. The referee called time and both teams began to leave the field when Sissen (the linesman or umpire??) declared that time was not up, whereupon three Knox players put the ball in play and carried it over the goal line. The kick for goal was missed. The article says the referee decided that time was up before the goal was made (but I think it means before the touch down was made), but Knox refused to go by this decision. At some point, Monmouth left the field and returned to their hotel. I assume the 6-0 result is a forfeit score (although since Monmouth left the field it seems the forfeiture would have been by them). However, the game score at the time the controversy occurred might also have been 6-0 (Monmouth td for 4 and goal after for 2) if my assumption about the aborted Knox touch down is correct. At the least, 6-0 seems to be the final score whether by forfeit or not.

2 1895 Monmouth (IL) 10 Cambridge AC (IL) 0 ?

Who was Cambridge and where was it located?

3 1895 Monmouth (IL) 10 Knoxville AC (IL) 4 ?

4 1896 Monmouth (IL) 22 Cambridge AC (IL) 0 ?

Who was Cambridge and where was it located?

5 1903 Monmouth (IL) 6 Central P. School 6 ?

Who was Central P. School and where was it located?

6 1923 Monmouth (IL) 62 Kirksville 0 ?