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1 11-14-1896 Holy Cross (MA) 6 Boston College (MA) 8 Boston, MA

Note from Gary Kusch: Although game officials awarded Boston College an 8-6 win over Holy Cross, the Crusaders continue to dispute this result, and they claim a 6-4 win. Per the Boston Daily Globe, with four minutes remaining and Holy Cross leading 6-4, a Boston College back (McGrath) was thrown for a 3-yd loss. A squabble ensued, and McGrath, taking advantage of it, ran for a touchdown. Holy Cross protested, and the officials upheld them, so the score remained 6-4. The officials called for play, but as the teams did not line up within two minutes, they then told the Holy Cross captain that Boston College refused to play, so that Holy Cross was declared the winner 6-4. Holy Cross then left the field. The Boston College captain argued that his team had not refused to play. The officials then sent two men back to the Holy Cross team to bring them back onto the field, but Holy Cross refused to return since the two men sent were not officials. After some time the officials told Boston College to put the ball in play whereupon they scored a 4-pt TD and missed the try for goal to go up 8-6. The officials admitted at the end of the game, that they had made a mistake in allowing Holy Cross to leave the field, but felt justified in giving the game to Boston College after they refused to return.