Hardin-Simmons (TX) Data Questions

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Game Data Questions:

1 1905 Hardin-Simmons (TX) 0 Hughley-Turner 0 ?

Who was Hughley-Turner and where was it located?

2 1906 Hardin-Simmons (TX) 11 Adrian Jarvis 5 ?

Who was Adrian Jarvis and where was it located?

3 10-18-1909 Hardin-Simmons (TX) 49 San Angelo Institute (TX) 0 Abilene, TX

Who was San Angelo and where was it located?

4 10-17-1942 Hardin-Simmons (TX) 0 Arizona St. 0 Abilene, TX

Note from Gary Kusch: I found several sources (including mine) which listed a 0-21 loss to Hardin-Simmons. According to the Abilene Reporter News, there was a scheduled game between the two for 10/17 in Abilene, but Arizona St cancelled the game because of travel considerations. On 11/29, Border Conference faculty representatives voted 7-0 to declare this cancelled game a forfeit by Arizona St. Texas Tech and Hardin-Simmons representatives did not vote since this decision affected which team would be invited to the Sun Bowl. The correct score should be a 0-1 loss by Arizona St. This is the score listed by the Arizona St media web guide. I don't know where the 0-21 scores came from.