Fordham (NY) Data Questions

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Game Data Questions:

1 1888 Fordham (NY) 4 American AA 0 ?

Where was American Athletic Club located?

2 11-23-1889 Fordham (NY) 6 Saint Austins School (NY) 14 Staten Island, NY

Who was Saint Austin's and where was it located?

3 1892 Fordham (NY) 39 YMCA 0 ?

Who was YMCA and where was it located?

4 11-06-1892 Fordham (NY) 6 Varuna Boat Club (NY) 12 New York, NY

Where was Verona Boat Club located?

5 1893 Fordham (NY) 46 Saint Agnes Lyceum (NJ) 0 ?

Who was Saint Agnes Lyceum and where was it located?

6 1893 Fordham (NY) 54 Paterson YMCA (NJ) 0 ?

Where was Patterson YMCA located?

7 10-08-1893 Fordham (NY) 64 Dominican Union 0 New York, NY

Who was Dominican Union and where was it located?

8 1899 Fordham (NY) 35 Cathedral Institute 0 ?

Who was Cathedral Institute and where was it located?

9 1899 Fordham (NY) 11 McChesney Business College (NJ) 0 ?

Where was McChesney Business College located?

10 1901 Fordham (NY) 5 Audobon Field Society 2 ?

Who was Audobon Field Society and where was it located?

11 1901 Fordham (NY) 16 Audobon Field Society 0 ?

Who was Audobon Field Society and where was it located?

12 11-02-1901 Fordham (NY) 6 Bellevue Medical College (NY) 6 New York, NY

13 11-14-1914 Fordham (NY) 6 Vermont 7 New York, NY

Note from Gary Kusch: Regarding the Vermont-Fordham 7-6 game on which we agree, I found an article in the Janesville Daily Gazette of 11/30 which described "a bit of manly sportsmanship as has ever been seen. To Fordham University goes the palm for its courageous generosity in voting to grant Vermont University a victory by a 7 to 6 score because there was some discussion regarding the kicking of a goal. The umpire allowed the goal, but referee voted differently. Fordham athletes voted Vermont the game 'rather than have a visiting team suffer through differences of opinion among officials.'"