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Game Data Questions:

1 11-09-1895 Doane (NE) 0 Kansas 32 Kansas City, MO

Kansas lists game as a 32-0 Kansas win

Doane lists game as a 22-12 Kansas win

2 1900 Doane (NE) 5 Lincoln HS (NE) 6 ?

Note from Gary Kusch: The Lincoln HS game was a highly contentious game where both sides claim a win---Lincoln HS claiming a 6-5 win and Doane claiming a 5-0 win. The Nebraska State Journal has two separate articles on the game, one for each perspective. The dispute seems to arise from Lincoln HS performing two quarterback kicks to his own players (evidently allowable under the rules of the day). With Lincoln HS trailing 5-0, the first quarterback kick went out of bounds where his player recovered the ball. The ball was awarded to Lincoln HS. A second quarterback kick went to a Lincoln player who ran it 75 yards for a score. At this point, Doane players refused to allow Lincoln HS to try the goal after, claiming (at the behest of a Crete spectator in the stands) that the first kick which went out of bounds should never have been awarded to Lincoln HS. With Doane refusing to arbitrate, the referee according to the first article, declared a score of 6-5 for Lincoln HS. The much shorter second article, merely reiterated that Lincoln had scored following an out-of-bounds kick, but that a decision was then rendered that Lincoln did not score any points.