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1 10-28-1898 Allegheny (PA) 6 Thiel (PA) 6 Meadville, PA

Note from Gary Kusch: The Allegheny game is another controversial game. I found an account in the Greenville Advance Argus. At halftime the score was tied 6-6. At the beginning of the second half, Allegheny recovered its kickoff on the Thiel 15 yard line. On the second play, they tried to "buck the line" and a Thiel man ended up with possession of the ball. The referee immediately awarded the ball to Thiel. The Allegheny captain claimed that the ball was stolen, and argued for half an hour to get the referee to change his decision. The referee then gave him 3 minutes to resume play, at the end of which Allegeny left the field. The referee then gave the game to Thiel. The paper then notes that the Meadville papers & press reported that it was Thiel who left the field, and they said the game was awarded to Allegheny by a 6-0 score. The Greenville paper stated that this report was untrue in every particular, saying that the Thiel boys would hardly have left the field when the decision was in their favor. One confusing thing that both web media guides list Allegheny winning 6-0. My original source listed Thiel winning by 6-0. If the Greenville paper's account is accurate, then appears to me to be a forfeit win for Thiel. Since the ref apparently agreed on a 6-0 score, then to me this is the score to be recorded.

Note from CFDW: The actual game score at the time Allegheny walked off the field is the score recorded.

2 1905 Allegheny (PA) 17 Wolverine AC 0 Meadville, PA

Where was Wolverine Athletic Club located?

3 11-08-1910 Allegheny (PA) 3 Westminster (PA) 6 Sharon, PA

Note from Gary Kusch: An article in the New Castle News says Westminister defeated Allegheny by a 6-3 score; the game played 11/8 in Sharon, Pa. My original source also lists this 6-3 score, but says the game was later forfeited by Westminister.